About Sello

We offer you steroids, really strong e-commerce steroids! Sello is a modern e-commerce management platform with the intent of being the best platform for marketplace management on the market and we think that we have gotten pretty far in this regard. The Sello platform is used for inventory and order management for different sales channels and we offer innovative features and a very modular platform that is suitable for everybody.
The team behind Sello is a group of young guys and girls that have a long experience within inventory and order management for e-commerce marketplaces. We offer a highly modular and scalable system in combination with a risk-free business model.

The fundamental function of the Sello platform are inventory and order management for e-commerce. What makes Sello unique compared to other e-commerce platforms is the modularity when working with sales channels. Our platform is a totally standalone platform where you connect your different sales channels (webshops & marketplaces) to – All sales channels in Sello, both webshop and marketplace are treated the same and you manage them all in a uniform way. We also offer both marketplace & webshop connections and webshop hosting for open source webshop platforms.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to get started with Sello. We want to offer a big range of different product import methods and webshop modules for those who want to expand their webshop and add the possibility to integrate with different marketplaces. More advanced users has the freedom of creating their own connection from their system directly to Sello using our developer tools. The Sello developer tools has features like product feed system, open API and webhooks.

Sello offers a big range of marketplace connections and we constantly work on expanding the selection of marketplaces that are available. The Sello platform is built by suggestions from our merchants for our merchants. About 2000 merchants uses Sello every day to manage their e-commerce business. The features we have built for inventory and order management are created with a couple of thoughts in mind: User friendly, Time saving and Sustainable.

why choose Sello
The Sello platform offers you an innovative order management interface – Efficient workflow is the key to success. The order workflow in Sello is built for bulk-management to save time. Print hundreds of delivery notes in one click. Book shipping for hundreds of orders with ease – Tracking numbers are automatically imported and sent to your customer and marketplace.
Sello has a very powerful inventory management built for modularity – We try to satisfy all our users needs. The Sello platform keeps the workflow as user-friendly as possible without taking any shortcuts in functionality. Our interface offers a highly modular overview of your inventory, giving you full control over your products.
Our platform focuses on user-friendly and efficient workflow when managing sales channels. We strive to treat all channels the same, in order to keep a level of unity in how you work with products and orders – With the same workflow. You can connect an unlimited amount of channels to your Sello account.
Our business model is based upon the idea that if our customers succeed we also succeed. That is why we decided that if you did not have any sales in any given month – That month will be totally free. We want you to feel safe. Sello does not have any commitment time, nor do we have any hidden fees. All new accounts get a free trial period of 14 days, which gives you full access to all our features.
We make sure to keep up with new technologies in the intent of giving you the best user experience. We take pride in our marketplace integrations – These are continuously being updated to add features and to optimize performance. Sales on your channels will appear in Sello within a maximum of 10 minutes and changes to your products are synchronized within 5 minutes.
Sello is cloud based and is designed to adjust according to the environment workload. This is a key factor for a sustainable system architecture and it creates a very stable and reliable platform to work with. We did not spare any expenses when building Sello – For example during the busiest day of the year (Black Friday) – All systems were automatically scaled up to about 30 times more than an ordinary Friday.
We created Sello with marketplaces in mind. Since the significance of marketplaces in e-commerce has grown and show no signs of stopping we wanted to build a platform that specialized in managing marketplace channels – Sello was the outcome of this idea. We want our users to be able to manage everything just like you would on any of the marketplaces, directly in Sello – Our platform really delivers in that regard.
We let you connect an unlimited amount of marketplace channels and create as many webshops as you’d like. For example, if you have more than one Amazon account you can connect them all to one Sello account. This can be very useful when transferring all products from one marketplace account to another. Or maybe you want to have 5 webshops, all hosted by us at no extra charge.

Try our e-commerce steroids today – totally free for 14 days

Continuing with the Sello platform after the trial period is totally risk free due to our No-Sale-No-Cost business model.

E-commerce gains guaranteed!

Sello is free of charge if you do not see the gains.

our apps

Channel Connector

We offer free webshop extensions (apps) for several webshop platforms. We call this extension ChannelConnector – this extension is used for plugging your webshop directly to the Sello platform for the purpose of Connecting marketplace Channels to your e-commerce webshop. All supported sales channels in Sello will be at your webshop’s disposal.

With the ChannelConnector extension you can connect you inventory to many different marketplaces totally risk free. You do not need to change platforms and you do not need any additional application to manage your new sales channels. All inventory and order updates are made in your webshop and are automatically synchronized with your marketplaces via Sello – You do not need to move away from the safety of your webshop.

When the marketplace sells one of your products the ChannelConnector extension will create the order in your webshop, reduce the stock of your sold item and synchronize it with all your channels. The only thing you need to do is to take care of the order and ship it out to your new customer. After order fulfillment is done from the comfort of your webshop and with the tools you are used to, ChannelConnector will report the package tracking back to your new customer and marketplace.