Create products in Sello for your marketplaces with Excel spreadsheets. This powerful feature also allows you to mass update products with Excel spreadsheets.
You can import and update products in the Sello platform through Excel spreadsheets (XLSX). This feature is very modular and powerful and lets you get control over your product information. This feature is great for when you need to amend information on your products when starting to sell at a new marketplace or if you want to lower your listing prices on a certain marketplace when running a campaign. This Excel update feature is often combined with Sello’s Excel export function.
First you will need to have a Sello account and have it connected to the marketplaces you choose to sell at. Then you can start working on creating your Excel spreadsheet document (XLSX-format). Many platforms can export products from the database to Excel (XLSX) or CSV-format which you could use for importing to Sello.
Go to and register your Sello account – it is totally free. There are a couple of steps when registering, you add your account details, choose what marketplace to sell at and add your URL (web address) to your webshop.
When you register a Sello account you can choose one marketplace to sell at – If you want to add more marketplace to use with Sello you can do this afterwards from you settings page in Sello – See the Sello help portal.
Create your Excel spreadsheet (XLSX) that you want to import to Sello. Either you create a spreadsheet document that you want to create products from or a document where you want to update existing products from in Sello. When updating products you need to choose a column for mapping the row in your Excel document to a product in Sello with, this can be done either with Id (Sello article number) or with your Sku (product reference)
  1. Login to your Sello account
  2. Click on the menu Admin tools
  3. Choose Import / export in the drop down
  4. Click on Excel under import
  5. Choose if you want to create or update
  6. Upload your Excel (XLSX) file
  7. Click Start to start the import
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