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We have built integrations for 18 different marketplaceS. With these 18 marketplaces you can reach customers all over the world – In A total OF 86 saleS channels.

Tradera is one of the largest marketplaces in Sweden with over 2 million members (2015). At Tradera there are about 1 million items for sale and over 1 million unique visitors – every week.
Tradera as a marketplace is similar to eBay. At Tradera you can publish auctions or fixed price ads. You can sell both new and used products. Sello has been connected to Tradera since 2006 and back in 2014 Sello and Tradera entered into an agreement where all Tradera merchants get Sello for free for Tradera marketplace.

eBay is one of the oldest and most recognized marketplaces in the world. eBay was formerly known as AuctionWeb – It all started in USA by Pierre Omidyar back in 1995. The first item that was purchased on AuctionWeb was a broken laser pointer that was bought by a Canadian by the name Mark Fraser.
Now eBay is the biggest marketplace with support for both auctions and fixed price ads. With eBay you can advertise products on 15 different platforms all around the world – Reaching 171 million buyers.
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With CDON Marketplace you can reach up to 2 million customers in the Nordics. CDON is the most recognized e-commerce brand in Sweden with over 600,000 likes on Facebook and about 85 million visitors per year. CDON is the place for you to sell in Sweden or in all the Nordic countries. CDON marketplace offers an easy onboarding and a risk free business model with no fixed fees. With 16 years of experience in the Nordic e-commerce game and a pure focus on marketplace sales CDON Marketplace gives you the perfect conditions to increase your sales.
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Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, since then Amazon has grown from a small webshop where you buy books to become the biggest and most recognized e-commerce marketplace in the world. Amazon has 310 million active customers (2018) and you can reach these customers in 235 different countries. Amazon offers 12 different marketplace regions around the world where you can advertise your products.
Sello is fully integrated to all Amazon regions and you can quite easily publish your products directly from Sello to Amazon and start selling.

Allegro is the biggest online marketplace in Poland. According to Alexa Internet Allegro was ranked as the 5th most visited website in Poland 2017. If you have ambitions to sell in Poland – Allegro is the marketplace for you. Neither Amazon nor Ebay has been very successful in Poland thanks to Allegro.
Sello is fully integrated to the Allegro marketplace and you can easily push your products directly from Sello to Allegro and start selling.

Wish started back in 2010 and is now the worlds biggest mobile based marketplace. The Wish mobile app had 100 million users in 2017 and that number has definitely increased since then. Wish spends nearly $500 million on Facebook advertisements per year.
In 2017 Wish started to promote the Wish Express program where merchants can advertise their products to customers close by. For example a European merchant will get benefits such as better promotion for their products towards European buyers.

Fyndiq was founded in 2009 with the vision to be the online version of the Swedish superstore “Ullared”. Fyndiq is the biggest bargain E-commerce marketplace in Sweden and since 2010 Fyndiq have coupled E-commerce retailers and bargain hungry customers together.
During 2016 Fyndiq had a turnover of 35 million euro with an annual increment of 50% every year. Fyndiq has 1000 E-commerce retailers online and they reach 2 million visitors every month.
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Wupti started as an online store in Denmark back in 2006 and they specializes in consumer electronics & domestic appliances.
Wupti is a well known Danish E-commerce company with 90% recognition rate by the Danish people. Wupti opened their marketplace in 2017 and since then Sello has been connected.

VidaXL is a Netherlands-based E-commerce with 10+ years of experience in cross-border E-commerce. VidaXL opened their marketplace back in 2016 giving anybody the possibility to start selling with vidaXL.
VidaXL specializes in Home & Garden products but you can advertise almost any kind of product on their marketplace. With vidaXL you can reach customers in Australia, United States and 27 different European countries.

Fruugo marketplace has been in the E-commerce game for quite some time. But in recent years Fruugo have really been engaged and has been eager to make a name for themselvs within E-commerce.
Fruugo’s staff is really professional and they will help you onboard your products to their marketplace with ease. With Fruugo you can advertise your products on all or any of their 31 supported countries. It is easy to publish your products on Fruugo, you only need texts and prices in one language and currency, Fruugo takes care of the translations & conversions.
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Spartoo started as an French online store for selling shoes back in 2006. Spartoo opened their marketplace in 2014 and they still focus on shoes and fashion. All marketplace sellers had a total turnover of approximately 50 million euro in 2015. They claim to have about 14 million unique visitors every month and a total of 450 million registered users.

Elkjøp is an well known consumer electronics chain that was founded in Norway back in 1962. Nowadays Elkjøp have stores all over the Nordics with a total of 10 000 employees. Elkjøp is gaining ground in E-commerce and during 2017 they started their marketplace for third party sellers – Elkjøp is also know as Elgiganten and Giganti., formerly known as Priceminister was founded in 2001 and was bought by the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten in 2010. has 22 million members and 9 million visitors per month, that is roughly one-third of all internet users in France. France is currently ranked number six in global e-commerce listings and is one of the biggest markets in Europe. The marketplace has a reported growth of 25 percent per year, making it a major part of French e-commerce. There are 5,000 professional sellers active on and over 200 million available products.

Coolshop was founded in Denmark in 2003 and has been an online pure-player in Denmark for many years. 2016 Coolshop expanded their horizons by opening their E-commerce marketplace for third party sellers. With Coolshop marketplace you can choose to reach customers in 7 countries: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, UK and Germany.
It is specially easy to start selling with Coolshop in all of their 7 countries. You only need to add your products with price in one currency and only have product texts in English.

Groupon is a US based E-commerce marketplace that launched their platform back in 2008. Groupon’s idea was to connect subscribers with local merchants, today Groupon is more than so because merchants can add product deals to Groupon., formerly known as Tradoria was founded in 2007 and was bought by the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten in 2011. has 22 million products from more than 7200 online retailers across Germany.