01 sep: Allegro

Sello connected to Allegro in 2018 - Allegro is Polands biggest marketplace and they have one of the most visited websites in Poland.

01 mar: Rakuten

Sello connected to Rakuten Germany & France in 2018 - Rakuten is a Japanese multinational company that has been running their e-commerce business since the end of the 90s.

01 feb: Fruugo

Fruugo and Sello connected in the beginning of 2018 - Since then Fruugo has been a very fast growing partner for Sello and our sellers.

01 jan: Spartoo

Sello connected to Spartoo in 2018 - Spartoo established in France back in 2009 and their marketplace is now present all over Europe and they specialize in fashion & shoes.

15 dec: Wupti

Sello connected to Wupti in 2017 - Wupti as a marketplace is specialized in consumer electronics & domestic appliances.

01 nov: Elkjøp

Sello connected to Elkjøp in the end of 2017 - Elkjøp and Elgiganten is a giant retail chain in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland with over 10.000 employees.

01 okt: Wish

Sello connected to Wish in 2017 when Wish started engage European merchants on their marketplace - European merchants at Wish you can compete with having good delivery times when doing the Wish Express program.

01 mar: Coolshop

Sello connected to Coolshop in the beginning of 2017 - With Coolshop you reach 7 countries with great ease, Coolshop take care of currency conversion when pushing your offers.

01 dec: vidaXL

Sello connected with vidaXL in 2016 - With a background in E-commerce and overseas selling for many years vidaXL opened their marketplace in 2016.

01 jul: Groupon

Sello connected to Groupon in 2016 for creating the administration of orders on Groupon easier when you sell in bulk - Groupon launched their deal marketplace back in 2008.