Frequently Asked Questions
Newbie Seller Questions

Is Sello really free with Fruugo marketplace?

Yes – Sello and Fruugo marketplace has come to the agreement to give Sello and the Sello apps (ChannelConnector) for free to all Fruugo sellers. Sello provide both technical supports for apps and help the sellers to get onboard Fruugo marketplace. Fruugo will cover the costs for all sellers that use Sello with Fruugo.

Can I manage my inventory data and ship my orders on Sello?

Yes – Sello’s system is built for both managing your inventory and administer your orders that you need to ship to your customers.

Can anyone from any country in the world use Sello?

Yes you can  – We do not have any restrictions regarding our customers location or which country they are located in. With that said Sello is mainly adapted for the European e-commerce market – This is due to that the idea behind Sello was born in Sweden and we have been focusing on the Nordic market for a couple of years. Sello is now trying to conquer new ground and make the application and services more attractive for seller all around the world.

How often does Sello import new sales from my marketplaces?

Usually Sello import orders every 10 minutes – Sello scan the marketplace for orders, if a new order is found Sello will import it to your Sello account. If you use Channel Connector with your webshop Sello will send the new order to your webshop system.

Can you import products to Sello?

Yes you can – You can import products to Sello with several different methods. The most used import feature is our traditional XLSX (Excel) and CSV import function. But we also support a range of other methods like: Google Shopping feed import, Tradera direct download, PLZIP import, Fyndiq direct download, Channel Connector extension for (WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento 1 and 2, Shopify) and WooCommerce direct download. For more advanced users Sello provide a product feed in JSON format and Sello’s open API.

Does Sello offer webshop hosting?

Yes we do – Sello has a webshop hosting and you can choose to use two different webshop platforms. Choose between Prestashop and/or WooCommerce (WordPress).  Because does not have any restrictions you can install more then one webshop on your account if needed. Webshop’s are cool but we recommend you try integrating your business to atleast one or two marketplaces. You will not get disappointed.

Is Sello really free of charge if I do not succeed?

Yes of course – Sello has a business model that is a bit unconventional. This is because we want to make it as safe and risk free to start using our services. We offer all our customers a no-sale-no-cost business model, if you do not have any sales you do not need to pay. This is based on your monthly sale success or maybe you need a vacation and want to pause your sales – No worries, Sello is totally free if you do not get any orders that month.

What is the monthly cost for Sello Premium?

The monthly cost for Sello Premium is 19 EUR + commission percentage on orders (the total order cost) that is managed with the Sello platform. The commission percentage depend on how much you sell, the evaluation is based on your monthly turnover and the more you sell the less percentage you get. The maximum order commission is 4% and that is when your monthly turnover is between 1 and 2500 EUR ( The second commission level you can land on is 2% on your monthly turnover and that is when you sell between 2500 and 10 000 EUR in a month. We always calculate the commission on your orders total cost without tax.

Do I only need Sello to be able to sell on all these marketpalces?

No – You will need a seller account on the different marketplaces you want to start using. We recommend that you register or apply for a seller account on the different channels you want to use before starting to use Sello. You can create a webshop on Sello without using marketplaces but we totally recommend that you try selling on atleast one or two marketplaces.

Advanced Merchant Questions

Can I manage one Sello account with multiple webshop's through Channel Connector?

Yes and No – Sello only has that possibility if you are running multiple WooCommerce webshop’s and choose to integrate your webshop’s with the Channel Connector plugin to one Sello account. If you are running Magento, Prestasop or Shopify you can only manage one Sello account with one webshop installation.

Can I use Sello and only sell on marketplaces?

Yes that is totally possible – Sello is built to be pretty modular in the way of how our platform can be used. It is totally possible to start using Sello for only marketplace and not manage your webshop on Sello.

Does Sello offer lower commission levels for big merchants?

Yes we do – Usually we give our customer that possibility when a seller reach a turnover on orders that is 50 000 EUR ( per month. Sello and that customer will then make a custom agreement on lower costs/commission for using Sello’s services.

Can I start using Sello even if we already sell on some of the marketplaces Sello supports?

Yes you sure can – Many of Sello’s customers today are in fact merchants that started out selling on one or more marketplace and maybe had a webshop and then they choose to start using Sello to save time and have more control over their business. A usual case is that when sales start to increase it can be time consuming to keep track of everything – Is product stock up to date? Have we delivered all the orders? Do we have all new products live on all the sale channels? Etc… The great thing with using Sello is that everything is managed in your Sello account – Create a product and activate it for all your marketplaces and Sello will create it for you. If product information changed on some of your products Sello will update the changes on all your sale channels and keep everything up to date. If you want to get started using Sello we can help you import products from your different channels or a database file. We have a lot of experience of problem solving and customize different solutions for our customers needs.

How many products and sale channels can you connect to with Sello?

No limits on creating or connecting – Some e-commerce platforms have different limits on the amount of products that you can manage, the amount of marketplaces you can connect to or how many webshop’s you can create. Sello Premium does not have any limits, you can connect or create how much you want with your Sello account. It would be totally possible to have 10 000 products, be connected to 12 marketplaces and install 3 webshop’s on your Sello account – Without any extra costs.

Can you help me with migrating from my current e-commerce platform to Sello?

Yes sure – Are you today running your business with some e-commerce platform and researching the possibility to change from your current application to something else? Maybe you are looking to change to the Sello platform? If you are really serious about this change we can offer you help and guidance. Sello’s customer service agents have experience in migrating between different e-commerce applications and they know about the different risk this might involve. This is important to be able to make the right choices and maneuvers when doing the migration.