Fruugo marketplace has been in the e-commerce game for quite some time. But in recent years Fruugo have really been engaged and has been eager to make a name for them selfs within the e-commerce market.
Fruugo’s staff is really professional and they will help you onboard your products to their marketplace with ease. With Fruugo you can advertise  your products on all or any of their 31 countries they support. It is easy to push your products to Fruugo, you only need your texts and prices in one language and currency, Fruugo takes care of the translations & conversion’s.
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“Our partnership with Sello has been an instant success from the moment the integration was completed. Not only are we seeing impressive GTV from Scandinavian sellers across the 32 countries, they easily get access to Fruugo’s currency and translation services—all on a no sale, no fee basis—but we have also seen all 3 Nordic countries respectively (SE, DK, NO) rocket into our top 10 countries available on Fruugo. There has never been a better time for Nordic sellers to “go global” utilizing this unique partnership between Fruugo & Sello.“ – Ted Hettich, CSO (Fruugo 2019)
  • Help with webshop integration to Fruugo marketplace
  • Technical support from Sello’s IT support technicians
  • Help with importing products to Sello and marketplace
  • Setup automated updates through module, feed or other
  • Support with onboarding products on Fruugo marketplace
  • Totally free with Fruugo marketplace for Fruugo sellers
  • Full control over your products and inventory information
  • Great order management with powerful features for Fruugo
  • Powerful inventory management with rapid product updates
  • Great order management with cleaver tools for fast order handling
  • Really easy product attribute mapping for Fruugo marketplace
  • Automated product updates to Fruugo product feed
  • Fast and troubleless inventory stock updates to Fruugo API
  • Full support for Fruugo order fulfillment in Sello
  • Generate Fruugo order delivery notes for orders
  • Support for simple products and product variations